Sunday, March 11, 2012

Tunes of the Week 9 - Super Street Fighter IV

Street Fighter is a long running franchise and many of it's characters have classic themes associated with them. Staple character Ryu always has the same theme, varied in many ways as well as many other characters out there. Super Street Fighter IV takes existing character themes, revamping and remixing them to fit with the new game, or making entirely new themes that stay true to the character they represent. Street Fighter has been known for giving it's characters their own themes all the time so it's no wonder they don't try to make entirely new themes for the characters because not all fans would agree with that sort of choice. Creating all new variations on the themes is the way to satisfy the fans and keep with the characters.

Every single character in the game has their own theme, not a single one left out in this version of Street Fighter IV. Many incorporating different styles and instruments to try and fit with the style of character, even culture of that character. Each of these remixes are all very good, though favouring them over the original versions is up to the taste of the user of course. Overall all of them are solid and great to listen to during the fights in the game. The character themes are more enjoyable to listen to then the normal background music that plays during the stages, but they themselves aren't bad, just completely overshadowed by the character themes.

Opening Theme of Street Fighter IV

Ryu's remixed theme

Dudley's theme

Vega's theme

Cammy's theme

Seth's (Final Boss) theme

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