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Hello there, this is Kevin Gan (a.k.a The Penguin) posting a general blog about games for all and any of my courses as well perhaps some extra curricular activities. I am a 2nd year Game Development student in UOIT, learning the aspects of Game Design, Computer Graphics and Sound.

I'm an avid programmer, having done a large portion of the programming in 3 games we have had to create for our program (A Night in the House of Evil, Haunted Kin, UGC: 80 AD). I also enjoy drawing art, having done a numerous pieces of art for the 3 games as well as having drawn casual art in my spare time, digital or pencil.

I will be posting weekly blogs for two courses here, Game Design and Production I (INFR2330) and Intermediate Computer Graphics (INFR2350).

For Game Design, I’ll be posting an analysis of various games every week, each week a different game. I will analyze how the game works, what makes the game fun, what sets it apart from its competition and look at a Game Design Technique used in the game. 

For Intermediate Computer Graphics, I will also have alternate blog posts analyzing various computer graphics techniques, how they are present in some games and how certain engines use these techniques.

Scorching South Studios

I am also part of a group dedicated to making games within our University years. We are known as Scorching South Studios, and we've developed from scratch three games so far A Night in the House of Evil, Haunted Kin and UGC: 80 AD. A Night in the House Evil is a text based adventure game taking place a in a mansion. Haunted Kin is a 2D side-scrolling, action platform that is unfortunately rather buggy. Both of these games were done in our first year.

Our second year we've been working on Ultimate Gladiator Coliseum : 80 AD, a 3D action game taking place in gladiator arenas. Currently it's in development and is our first attempt at making a 3D game of any kind. In our second year we have also been able to create 2 other games, Zombie Fever and Macbeth Tower Defence, 2 quick projects in 2D using the Gamemaker engine.

Here are links to our Game Developper's blog as well as links to the other members in our team
Scorching South Blog

Tyler Biback
Mike Kunanec
Naeem Moosajee
Aaron Providence
Branden Schroeder

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Email: pado776@hotmail.com
Twitter: @Iceninja77