Monday, March 5, 2012

Game Design : Gaming 2 - Soul Calibur V (Again)

Once again this blog needs a bit of gameplay to spice the place up again. There haven't been many games I have played in the past while that are that interesting to get footage of, or I just never thought about it. Either that or I have just been too busy to really play, let alone worrying about editing and capturing footage to. I immediately got back into trying some more Soul Calibur V since I hadn't played it in a couple weeks and stepped once again into the online arena.

My experience with the online system has been consistently good and without lag. Soul Calibur V represents one of the best online fighting experiences I have had the pleasure of playing. There is little to no input delay which is key to the fighting experience. The game itself provides various options to enhance searching for opponents, making it easier to get right into the fight against the right level of opponents. 
Natsu, the character I've been using most recently in Soul Calibur V (Featured in my matches)

I know that I have a lot of fighting game experience and I know I am still not too great at certain fighting games. I personally believe my knowledge of Soul Calibur V is decent enough as I can still apply the same "mindgame" mentality that all fighting games require. I know how to use some of the tools that my characters have and try my best to learn new techniques and match ups as I go along. So as I play online I am still increasing my skill level through experience.

That said I can't say that my current rank is truly representative of my skill. You gain rank just by winning and you lose points of rank when you lose. So to reach the rank that truly represents my skill, I have to keep going farther and farther. So far I've managed to get by 30 games or so without losing and I don't know if that's just because I was able to get more practice in (The character I have used in the past wins I have not used all that much) or just because my opponents are not that good yet. The 30 games won means that I am still gaining points consistently, very consistently so I am still not where my rank really would represent me. I for one don't believe the ranking system in the game would truly show your skill though but it tries its best to. I did have a few close fights in the matches I am posting so that's always good to have.

Oh well we will see how things go in the future, whether I will keep winning till I reach a certain rank where I lose and win a more even amount of times, or just keep going higher and higher above that.

6 Online ranked matches using the character Natsu

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