Sunday, March 4, 2012

Tunes of the Week 8 : Xenoblade Chronicles

I will admit, I have not yet played this game or any in this series in fact. Xenoblade Chronicles is part of a gaming series, the Xeno series. This game, Xenoblade Chronicles takes place in a different universe than the rest of the series but like all of them it is an RPG. The game itself is a action rpg though, taking place in real time. So far it's been released on the Wii to critical acclaim all around the world, except for North America. Luckily for us we are getting this game in a few months. The announcement of the game got me interested in what the game's soundtrack might be like and I was surprised.

The soundtrack is quite phenomenal in my opinion, without even the context of the game to go along with the background music, it still sounds very good. Most games when we play then and hear the music, we then associate our memories linking the music and the event happening in game. This game's music doesn't need to link to those experiences because it already sounds so good. Hearing the music gets me anticipated to get my hands on the game because it's quite a pleasure to listen to. I won't ramble on any more about it since I still don't know all that much about the game but trust me when I say the game's soundtrack is strong enough by itself.

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