Thursday, March 15, 2012

Game Design: Gaming 3 - Street Fighter X Tekken

Just last Tuesday, two of gaming’s greatest fighting franchises joined together to do battle in 2 on 2 tag team battles. This is Street Fighter X Tekken, combining both famous franchises using the Street Fighter 4 engine and gameplay taking place on a 2D plane such as Street Fighter 4. Tekken characters have been adapted to work into this system and many new fighting game system changes have taken place that makes this game quite a bit different than Street Fighter 4.

The game combines the tag team system of games such as Tekken Tag Tournament, where if even one of your 2 fighters go down, then you lose a round. The game is a mesh of many new and old systems that keeps the game fresh and interesting. Combo potential is massive in this game and many techniques involving the use of both partners in tag combos and switching can lead to some very interesting strategies. Other new systems such as the gem system are in place to allow more customization, allowing you to choose gems that will boost your stats temporarily during battle, activating based on certain conditions such as hitting an opponent 4 times.

I’ll probably do a full break down of the game on another week but I wanted to post some footage of the game for this week since I had managed to get some time online with it. A problem with the game currently however is that the online, though its relatively lagless, has some issues. Sound cuts out frequently online due to netcode which breaks the flow and immersion of online matches, though it’s not the worst. There is not too much lag present so at least it’s not bad lag and the sound cutting out. Thankfully I was hardly affected by the issues anyways so I could play online just fine.

My online ranked matches

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