Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tunes of the Week 7 - Final Fantasy Type-0

One of the three games part of the Final Fantasy Fabula Nova Crystallis series (Other games including Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII Versus), this game was formerly known as Final Fantasy XIII Agito until being changed to the title Final Fantasy Type-0. The game has so far only been released in Japan for the PSP but is rumored to have localization in other countries, only time will tell.

The music for this particular game is Takeharu Ishimoto, the same composer behind Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core's music. Both that game and this game's music has a similar style and both equally great and varied.  For Final Fantasy Type-0, much of the music uses a combination of full orchestra, choir, guitar, and synthesized sounds. The music of the game is quite varied in terms of theme, to represent all of the different environments of the game. The quality of all the music is great, everything piece of music being rather strong though of course I prefer some songs over others. Overall the entire collection is quite great, I even prefer it over his work in Final Fantasy VII : Crisis core.

Peaceful Fighting  - One of my favourite battle themes in the game

Theme of Rem, one of the protagonists of the game

Theme of Machina, one of the protagonists of the game

The Main theme of Final Fantasy Type-0

Choose a Way to Die - One of the other main themes

Ending Theme - Including fully orchestrated versions of many of the main themes

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