Sunday, February 26, 2012

Reading Week Drawing

Since I had some time off during reading week of university, I wanted to try my hand at some drawing again since I haven't done any for a really long time.  I decided to go with something a bit more complicated than just a character posing in a background so I decided to make what looks like a movie poster.

I made it based on League of Legends, featuring 4 characters from the Kingdom of Demacia. Usually my drawings just feature one character so this was a step up for me. It features the token League of Legends asian man, Xin Zhao, Lux the Light mage (Who I have drawn before), Garen her older brother and Jarvan IV, the Prince of Demacia who apparently sneaks around a lot.

All four of them (Except Xin Zhao) also shout DEMACIA!

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