Sunday, February 5, 2012

Tunes of the Week 4 - Soul Calibur II

Considered the pinnacle of the Soul Calibur Series, Soul Calibur II also had some of the best music in the series. Many of it's themes represent very inspiring and engaging the music that really helped make the game oh so great. Without the extremely well done pieces composed for the title, the entire experience of Soul Calibur II would have been nearly as exciting without the great music to go with the great gameplay. The song's composed back then are still great and some of them I still prefer over the newer song's in Soul Calibur IV and V.

Also I realized all of the Tunes of the Week games featured have all been Japanese games. That goes to show the strength of their composers. Be sure to check out the rest of the soundtrack.

Character select theme

"Confrontation" one of my favorite songs

"If there were any other way" a very good piece to build up tension

"Quest for Glory" one of the very good menu theme songs

"Hellfire" the final boss theme

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