Monday, April 30, 2012

Tunes of the Week : Skullgirls

Skullgirls is an interesting game. It's a game made by an independant studio with experts who happen to know a ton about fighting games. So much in fact that this game was built specifically to be able to have tournament level play. What's more interesting is the talent they were able to get on board for the game. I will probably talk more about that in a "Game of the Week" for Skullgirls but most notably they were somehow able to get famed composer Michiru Yamane who has notably composed for the Castlevania Series.

Yamane brings her trademark style to the twisted world of Skullgirls and manages to make several notable pieces in the soundtrack. The sound track also manages to bring jazz into the game and manages to make it fit with the action rather then detracting. Since it's a fighting game, you might not think Jazz really fits with it, but the game's art style and sense of humour manages to make these tracks fit just fine. Compared to a game like Marvel vs Capcom 2 which used jazz in the most unusual and unfitting ways, Skullgirl's jazz tracks shine compared to those.There are also a number of other catchy tunes that fit along the lines of Castlevania in terms of feeling but still fit perfectly with the world of Skullgirls.

It's really amazing that a small independent studio could manage to get a famous video game composer like Michiru Yamane to help with their game. They even have a blog post on how they managed to get her and how surprised they were able to as well. But getting her really helped to make the game even more enjoyable. I will probably make a game break down of this soon because this is definitely an indie game that excels polish.

Skullgirl's soundtrack is definetely really enjoyable and a mix of several types of different genres of song. You can buy it on Itunes too!

The Lives we Left behind

Anti Skullgirl Labs

Final Boss : Bloody Marie

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