Thursday, April 26, 2012

End of the Year, End of the Semester

It's been a long second year at UOIT Game Development and it's been a blast (I FINALLY just finished my exams and moved back home). There have been tons of moments of great fun and other moments with a lot of stress! In comparison, first year was a breeze compared to this year in terms of work load and difficult. Somehow, my group and myself managed to get through all the hardships of learning 3D game code and crazy shader algorithms.

Project for the Year

The first year, we had to make two seperate games, but this year we made one whole game, starting it in first semester and continuing on in second semester. The game was called Ultimate Gladiator Coliseum : 80 AD. I don't remember if I talked too much about it already, I only mentioned it briefly as a project and some of the problems we faced in making it.

Essentially UGC:80 AD, is a third person action game that controls along the same lines as the Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim might. You battle your way through 8 coliseum battles. In between battles you have access to a forest area, where you can talk to a Blacksmith to perform quests to gain gold and purchase upgrades to your stats for gold you earn from quests and coliseum battles. 

In battle you have access to an array of different techniques from the start like power attacks, spear throws, etc. The techniques themselves aren't complex or all the numerous, the system is supposed to be simple and easy to understand. The game's look is also based off a lego look, so the entire world looks a blockier on purpose. Since it's a lego look, it means the game itself isn't taking itself seriously and the entire world, from animations to models all look silly intentionally.

That's pretty much the game in a nutshell. Here is the link to our website and the project right here.

This game is where all the effort went for the year. Our team poured all our effort to making a fun game and to be honest I think we did really well for ourselves. It's definitely not the best game and it can be improved, but it turned out surprisingly well and it's good fun.

I'll update this page or make an annoucement if I get permission to link the download for our game.

Other Accomplishments

The fact that this blog even exists, I have to thank Professor Lennart Nacke & Professor Andrew Hogue for. It's been really fun to make all these blog posts every week and this blog will continue to exist even after the school semester is done. I plan to use this for future courses and any other hobbies I plan to pick up as I continue to become a Game Developer. This blog will continue through the summer months as well, though maybe not as frequently (or maybe more frequently since I have more time). 

I hope everyone has enjoyed reading the blog so far and that it will improve with time!

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