Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Hello there, this is Kevin Gan (a.k.a The Penguin) posting a general blog about games for all and any of my courses as well perhaps some extra curricular activities. I am a 2nd year Game Development student, learning the aspects of Game Design, Computer Graphics and Sound.

I'm an avid programmer, having done a large portion of the programming in 3 games we have had to create for our program (A Night in the House of Evil, Haunted Kin, UGC: 80 AD). I also enjoy drawing art, having done a numerous pieces of art for the 3 games as well as having drawn casual art in my spare time, digital or pencil.

I will be posting weekly blogs for two courses here, Game Design and Production I (INFR2330) and Intermediate Computer Graphics (INFR2350).

For Game Design, I’ll be posting an analysis of various games every week, each week a different game. I will analyze how the game works, what makes the game fun, what sets it apart from its competition and look at a Game Design Technique used in the game. 

For Intermediate Computer Graphics, I will also have alternate blog posts analyzing various computer graphics techniques, how they are present in some games and how certain engines use these techniques.

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