Tuesday, July 17, 2012

SDCC 2012 : Playstation All Stars Battle Royale - Updated Impressions

I managed to get a few more games under my belt to get more impressions on Playstation All Stars Battle Royale, and managed to get 4 of them, 2 of which I won and 2 of which I got last place…

Anyways the characters I was able to get my hands on were Big Daddy from Bioshock, Radec from Killzone and Heihachi Mishima from Tekken. There are 3 buttons for attacks for each character, much like how Super Smash Bros has 2 buttons and tilting in different directions yields different attacks.

Big Daddy

The Big Daddy plays as he looks, a big lumbering heavy weight but with some surprisingly fast moves just like in Bioshock. His normal attacks consist of short range but quick slashes with his drill and punches from his hand. His 2nd button attacks are longer range moves, with one of them being a long range dash that ends with you smashing an opponent into the air and then back into the ground. This move is very useful for hitting multiple people as it drags them along with you, so if you catch three people in different positions, by the end you will have them all at your feet.

His third button consists of the use of his plasmids, pushing up will yield a whirlwind plasmid (which I never hit anyone with so I don’t know  what it actually does). Pushing the button normally will use a shock plasmid which stuns targets, allowing you to use your more powerful moves like your 2nd button dash on people easily. Pushing down will use a fire plasmid which, I unfortunately did not get to land either.

His supers on the other hand I got to try them all. His level 1 is the use of the little Sister, which jumps out from his back, landing on anyone nearby. She however does not track anyone and always lands in a set distance away from the direction you’re facing. I was never interrupted during this move even if I was hit, so the Little Sister will always come out. His level 2 is potentially his most useful. He becomes enraged, glowing red and becoming faster. All of his attacks also become lethal and KO anyone they hit. It lasts a pretty long time as well and 2 bars is relatively easy to get so I found this my most effective way of getting kills. It won me all my games. His level 3 will submerge the entire screen in water, making all opponents helpless. I am not sure if they can move or not but I believe they can’t, that or they move very slowly. This move covers the entire screen and no one else can attack so it leaves you time for some easy kills. However this lasts only a bit longer than the level 2 and if it’s a large stage where people can move away to different floors, its not quite as effective. If it’s a stage with only one level then its brutally effective.

He was pretty much the only character I won with against other people.

Heihachi Mishima

A staple from the Tekken Franchise, Heihachi has short range but very quick attacks which burst with electricity. His strength is his speed but his weakness is his range. Almost all of his attacks for all buttons are short range punches or kicks, with punches being his attack 1, his kicks being attack 2 and I honestly can’t even remember his attack 3s. Pressumably since attack 3s always seem to be stun like attacks, his will most likely be these as well. Heihachi is good for taking on single opponents but with people all around it can be difficult to hit people farther away in the brawl who have longer range moves or dashes.

His Supers I got the chance of trying 2. His level 1 is a ground stomp, smashing his foot and hand onto a space in front of him. This doesn’t come out very fast, nor does it cover much range. It also can be interrupted by enemy attacks, making it not a very effective kill move. It’s like the Big Daddy’s level 1 without a guarantee of coming out and only slightly faster. His level 2 summoned his bear companion Kuma, who is completely invincible and AI controlled. Kuma will jump at nearby opponents, trying to claw them for a kill, which they can still potentially avoid. This is however much more reliable than using his level 1.
Overall I never saw any other Heihachi’s win a match, or do particularly well. At this point in the game he isn’t doing so well.


To be honest I did play Killzone but never actually beat it so I can’t quite remember who Radec is. What I can say though is he has plenty of weaponry from Killzone and a lot of long range attacks and looks to me the primary “ranged character” of this game.

His 1st attack is his only melee attack, consisting of a few punches a very short range gun shot. It’s best not to get close to other people as him but this will be your main choice to get people out of your faces to keep range. His 2nd attacks are his primary ranged attacks, pushing forward will yield a long range snipe in a straight line, great for stages with only one level. Another will yield a shorter range shot that comes out much faster though. There are others that I did not catch as well. 3rd attacks consists of his grenades and explosives. He can throw stun grenades, long distance explosives and even a sticky mine to attach to enemies.

His supers I only got to try his level 1 unfortunately, which consists of summoning a targeting reticule that you mark an enemy with. You will then fire a homing missile that will chase the target and explode when reaching the target or after some time. Anyone that gets in the way will ignite the missle and explode, netting you a kill. I did however see another play use Radec’s level 3, which consists of you getting into a plane, making you off screen and making a reticule appear to target enemy players and shoot them for kills. This is very similar to Snake’s Final Smash in Super Smash Bros Brawl

Final Impressions

The game is a lot of fun and provides a lot of frantic chaos just as Super Smash Brothers does, however I do have some problems with it. The focus on these super attacks still bugs me because although the level 1 supers and level 2 supers are actually avoidable, the level 3 supers from what I have seen are always instances where one player is invincible and can proceed to mow down all the players. They have to run away helplessly from that one player which kind of breaks the flow of the game and takes away any strategy. I find it to be a rather annoying mechanic and since these supers are absolutely essential in order to get any kind of kills in this game, it makes it seem hopeless for this game to get any real 1 vs 1 depth like Smash Brothers was able to. Sure its good chaotic fun but I like being able to have actually depth to the game as well to make it become more than just a party game. Only time will tell whether this game can still evolve into what I hope it to be or if they will make any other changes to the system further down the line.

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